S-Gate Valve and Installation

The main aim of valve installations in your water lines is to stop or allow the flow for different reasons and different applications. You may need the installation of an S-Gate Valve for professional water line connections to ensure that the flow of water is controlled at various points. K&J Civil ensures a custom-designed fit for your installation requirements because we are fully equipped and properly trained in the use of cutting machines. The installation process requires very specific expertise, and we have every member of our team trained to the highest standard. S-Gate Valve installations in Queensland are few and far between and that is because it is a specialised service. The installation, custom-fitting and efficient operation of these valves takes experts that have patiently learnt best practices for their operation. Give us a call, and we can discuss all of the options available to you, but you can rest assured that every application conducted by us is built for optimum function. S-Gate valves can be installed on MPVC, Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement pipes covering any large-scale construction project in Queensland and we are here to help you carry it out: we are not just experts in installing modern water line valves, we’re also a team of civil contractors that can assist with the early-stage planning.

We can draw up the plans and handle the meticulous project management aspect of your water or sewer goals. We ensure that our S-Gate Valve installation, and any work we perform on national water and waste lines, are upheld to national standards and guidelines. We follow the DN80 – DN450 S-Gate Valve Gen II standard appraised by Water Services Association Australia to PN16. We promise to keep you compliant throughout the process of our work and installation plans. You can also trust the quality of our materials because our high-quality valves are made of high-grade ductile iron. Choose K&J Civil for all of the following and so much more.

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S-Gate Valve Installations

K&J Civil is also a qualified installer of S-Gate Valves in Australia. S-Gate Valves are innovative products that open a world of valve installation that doesn’t disrupt the ongoing water supply minimising inconvenience and limitations to normal operations even while we perform in-depth servicing. Our installations meet Australian Standards and the materials are of the best quality. S-Gate Valves are brilliant water line devices that offer advanced technological capabilities that maintain the pipe’s structural integrity.

S-Gate Valve is an innovative product where a gate valve can be installed without disrupting supply. 

Designed and tested in accordance with Australian Standards, our high-quality valves are made of high-grade ductile iron.

DN80 – DN450 S-Gate Valve Gen II has been appraised by Water Services Association Australia to PN16.


The Upper component of the S-Gate Valve has been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2638.2 – Gate Valves for Water Works Purposes

The Lower component of the S-Gate Valve has been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS4181 – 2013 – Repair and Offtake Clamps for Water Industry Purposes

Our manufacturers have undergone rigorous development of the S-Gate valve to comply with Australian Standard. As a result, the S-Gate valve was able to comply with relevant Australian Standards. 

S-Gate valve has successfully fulfilled the requirement of both standards, including but not limited to :

AS / NZS2638.2 – Gate Valves for Water Works Purposes 

– No leaks or failure were observed on the valve gate at ASTP 2000kPa Pressure.

AS4181 – 2013 – Repair and Offtake Clamps for Water Industry Purposes

– No leak was observed on the lower clamp at a pressure of 2400 kPa for a test duration of 120 minute.

Our Unique Cutting Technology

Traditionally, the line stops involved extraction of size x size coupon extraction. However, when the coupons are vertically extracted, often coupons are not able to be retrieved and would be displaced inside the main.

To eliminate this issue, the S-Gate valve has adopted a milling technology instead of traditional coupon extraction methodology. 

As part of the drilling process, shavings are released instead of coupon, where the pressure from the existing water main extracts the metal shavings produced during the S-Gate Valve drilling. 

With this technology transition, the S-Gate valve removes a minimal surface area of the pipe, maintaining the structural integrity.


Workings of a S-Gate valve

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